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Reasons for Relocation: Why Do People Move

Some people stay in the same city or town their whole lives. Others move across the country or beyond, looking for a different way of life. Why do people move? There are many correct answers.

Choosing to relocate is an incredibly personal decision- one most people make multiple times during their life for various reasons. Below, we explore some of the most common reasons for people moving when they do, even for packing up seniors.

The Four Key Reasons People Decide to Move

There are many reasons someone may decide to relocate- but they generally boil down into four key categories: economic, social, political, and environmental. Here is a brief summary of what each means before we take a closer look at specifics.

Economic Reasons

One of the most common reasons people move is money. Whether the cost of living in your current city has climbed too high or you have a job opportunity where you can earn more elsewhere, moving makes sense.

Social Reasons

People also move to be closer to friends, relatives, and other loved ones- or to change their lifestyle and have more social opportunities.

Political Reasons

Some people move because of the political bias in their state or country- or laws regarding issues that are important to them.

Environmental Reasons

On the one hand, you may be interested in moving somewhere with a more appealing climate; on the other, natural disasters (or the risk thereof) could force a person away from their current home.

Most Common Reasons People Move

Now, let’s discuss the top reasons for relocating to the US. The following deciders fall under the umbrellas above and are some of the most common reasons given to the question, “Why did you move?”.

They Get a New Job- or are Looking for Better Job Opportunities

Without a doubt one of the leading causes for relocation is work. More work is available in your industry in other major cities; your current job has asked you to move elsewhere; you want to earn more money but the place to do that is on the other side of the country; it is time to follow your dreams and change career- these are all valid reasons for moving that you will likely hear a lot.

When asked what would be the deciding factor to encourage people to move to a new city, almost a third say a new job- making it arguably the most popular reason.

Looking for a Better Location to Support their Lifestyle

Amenities, local facilities, weather trends, and landscape are some things that make people choose to live in one place over another. People who love to be outdoors in the sunshine move to places with guaranteed summer heat- families move to be within a specific school district, and people who don’t drive may choose to live in a town or city with excellent public transportation and plenty of nearby shops.

Overall, many people move to places that are a better fit for the life they want to live.

To be Closer to Friends or Romantic Interests

Young people especially are likely to move to areas where they have friends- or possibly more than friends. It is common for people to relocate for love- either to move in together or avoid a long-distance relationship.

Friendship is also a significant deciding factor for moves. People like to be close to their friends- or want to live in an area that is easy to meet new people.

Elderly People Moving Closer to Family- or Adult Children Moving Closer to Aging Parents

Having a support system nearby is important once people reach retirement age or get to a stage where they need a little more help. Some older adults will move to be closer to family members- sometimes even moving in with them. Alternatively, adult children may move back to be near their parents so they can support and care for them- or just to spend more time together.

It is Time to Upsize or Downsize their Home

When families grow, they need more space- but a larger house in the same city may be unaffordable. They may need to consider moving somewhere else to find a house that fits everyone, meets their needs, and doesn’t blow their budget.

On the other hand, couples or single people whose children have grown up and moved out or who no longer live with family for whatever reason- may leave their current home for something smaller and more manageable (physically and financially).

Making the Change from Renting to Buying (Settling Down)

Those who have only ever rented and decided now is the time to get on the property ladder often decide to relocate entirely simultaneously. Perhaps they are settling down with a partner who lives in a different city- or the high cost of buying in their current location does not work with their budget.

People decide to buy for tax benefits, convert rent payments to mortgage payments, put down roots, and provide more stability for their future.

A Fresh Start in a New City

Life is complicated, and sometimes you need to start afresh somewhere new. It could be related to a new job, an old relationship, a major life event, or simply the desire to wipe the slate clean and start again- but the result is relocating to a different neighborhood, city, or even state.


People move for many reasons- from employment opportunities to school districts and from public transportation to love. When the time does come to relocate, you must hire a reliable moving company you can trust to safely and efficiently transport your belongings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the reasons people move?

People move for many reasons- but they are almost all related to jobs, school, cost of living, social opportunities, or relationships. It is usually a decision based on the belief that something better awaits them in the new city.

How many times does the average person move home?

The average person in America moves 11.7 times- a comparatively high figure compared to most of the world.

Why do Americans move so much?

Americans move, on average, more than many other nationalities- and several reasons could explain why.

First of all, the USA is a large country with a vast range of social environments, lifestyles, climates, and housing economies- so we can get a lot of living experiences without changing language, currency, or country. This, in turn, makes it easier and more accessible to move multiple times.

Another reason Americans move so much is the highly individualized culture- meaning people value self-happiness and achievements over family and location. While some nationalities rarely move too far from their parents and family base, Americans are likely to relocate for money, career advancement, love, and opportunity.

Children are also widely expected to move out of their parent’s homes once they reach a certain age- be it for college, marriage, or work. Moving is the norm from a relatively young age in most countries.



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